The Best Adsense Alternative For India Web Sites

Best Adsense alternative for India traffic and small websites

It’s very easy for people who know about AdSense to make lots of money from clicks by visitors to their websites. However, Adsense is not the only thing that earns you cash online. Web sites are classified into different niches depending on the nature of the content they carry. Therefore, it’s obvious that each web site will have its own individual ads. In case of AdSense, you are free to choose among the thousands of options available.


Google AdSense is a great choice because you don’t have to write a whole page to place an ad. Rather, you can put up only a teaser and include some relevant keywords so that your advertisement shows up whenever someone searches for that particular topic. You need to be careful, though, as Google may choose to remove some web sites if they show too many ads. Nevertheless, this gives you plenty of opportunities to earn lots of money. If you are running an independent web site, this opportunity will present itself to you too.


Before starting, however, it is a good idea to learn how AdSense works and the various alternatives as well. AdSense may not be suitable for some content sites like news portals, for example. This is because Google restricts the ads shown on such web sites from displaying more than five advertisements at a time. The number of links displayed in any given web page is also a strict limitation. On the other hand, if you have a lot of incoming traffic to your web pages, AdSense can be very profitable.


One of the biggest advantages of Adsense is that you don’t have to create a substantial amount of content for your web pages to take advantage of AdSense. AdSense works on the principle that publishers place targeted ads on their web sites where visitors usually click on them. Publishers then receive payment for every click these advertisers place on their ads. It is a win-win situation for both parties. You don’t need to put in too much work and you don’t need to create a large amount of original content; just enough to get readers interested in reading more.


Another advantage of Adsense is that you can monetize almost all kinds of web sites even if they do not accept traditional advertisements. It has been established that AdSense can be made revenue-generating for even highly monetized web sites. These sites are often called “affiliate farms”.


On the downside, Adsense is not a true monetization solution. In order to get paid, you have to actually use the ad codes provided by Google, which is not always easy to do. Also, you have to make sure that you comply with the policies and guidelines of the Google AdSense program. Many aspiring Indian web site publishers have become disillusioned with Adsense because of this. Many of them have tried to run their web sites without using the Adsense code or have tried to generate income with affiliate sales pages without being registered with Google.


There have been a few webmasters that have converted their content into AdSense ready pages. These pages appear in the form of sponsored links and are counted as legitimate ads in Google. However, it is very difficult to make money from such pages. Such alternatives cannot make money from any kind of content-based advertising, but they can generate some income from Google’s sponsored ads.


The other alternative available for making money through Adsense is through displaying ads on your site where your visitors click. This can either be an individual advertisement or banner advertising. Affiliate marketers have made quite a lot of money through this method, but it is much harder than Adsense alternative one. If you are looking for an alternative, this would be the one to try. However, if you are just starting out, these alternatives will be more helpful.

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