HP laptops in India 2020

HP laptop computers have long since been a name that people associate with reliability and quality. Often, people would rather go with brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, or Apple because they are known to produce high-quality laptops. HP laptop computers, on the other hand, are known for their reliability as well as their durability. Now HP is trying their best to enter into the laptop market again with a new series. HP laptop computers are great for those who want something powerful but do not want to pay a lot for it.


HP has released two new laptop models; the HP laptop model with the quad-core i5 and the touchpad. The i5 comes with four GB of ram, and the four touchpads provide two functions of touch input plus a media button. These two laptops come standard with a terabyte hard drive and a dual-band wireless option.


With two models of this caliber, it is expected that HP will keep its share of the laptop market. The Intel Core i5 models come with two cores and four threads, whereas the two AMD Opteron models come with two cores and six threads. There is no difference between these two models. Both run on the latest Windows operating systems.


The other interesting aspect about HP laptop computers is that they have used Turbo Boost technology. This technology allows a computer system to increase performance instantly by adjusting clock speeds. Using Turbo Boost technology, a faster processor can be used in place of a slower one, which results in the speed of the two running at the same level being increased.


The touchpad in this laptop is also of the latest generation. It offers a complete working space that includes all the utilities and functions that a laptop must-have. By installing full-fledged Office software, this feature becomes very useful. Users can access Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint software, and other office applications through this input device. Internet browsing and e-mailing are easy with a USB wireless modem attached to this unit.


HP laptops do not come cheap, but they are very well equipped with most of the latest technologies. Two of the models of this type can be found under the $1000 mark. The other two models, which fall between the two categories, are less expensive. One of the best features of HP laptops is that these units come with the guarantee of one year of limited technical support.

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