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Dell in India is witnessing tremendous growth in the growing global market. With Dell’s entry into the Indian mobile phone segment, the dream of millions of Indian consumers to own a Dell Mobile is becoming a reality. It has been quite some time since Dell launched its first brand of laptops in India. The launch of Dell Laptops – which is specifically targeted at the Indian market – has seen tremendous response from the consumers.


Dell in India has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. Between 2021, sales of Dell laptops in India more than tripled to $1.7 billion. As per IDC Research, Dell contributes about 25 percent of all desktops sold in the Indian market. This huge market is increasingly turning towards Dell laptops for their affordable price range and larger memory storage capacities. As a result, Dell in India is seeing a brisk increase in its net sales.


A comparison of the Dell Laptop models in India with similar laptops sold in the domestic markets would throw many a light on the differences between these two laptops. Both are powered by the same main hardware – an Intel dual-core i5 processor and an AMD processor. They both also use similar operating systems, Windows Vista on the desktop and Microsoft Windows XP on the laptop. However, the pricing and add-on features differ a lot. The entry-level laptops with a screen size ranging between three to six inches come with Intel i5 processors and come with integrated HD graphics.


On the other hand, the mid-range and up to fifty-inch laptops have AMD Athlon processors. These also come with HD graphics but come with higher price tags. The two Intel main processors are quite similar in power and although the prices differ a little, they are almost neck to neck in processing power. However, the prices of these two Intel models differ by about $100 in India, which is a huge difference from a few hundred dollars in the domestic market.


Dell has also made inroads into the gaming laptop segment, especially in the gaming sector. Alienware is another example of such gaming laptops that have managed to create a stir in the Indian market. Alienware is Dell’s Indian name, and it comes in two different variants – the midsize notebook that comes with a 1-core processor and a low 1-core processor. The second variant comes with an external Dell graphics card, a sound card, and a webcam for video chatting and image viewing. It also has built-in Microsoft Office pre-installed, as well as a large number of pre-installed programs and utilities. The low-spec version of Alienware comes with a 1GB slow processor, and the high spec version comes with an Intel quad-core processor and an AMD Phenom II X6.


If we talk about the future, then we can safely say that there are more in store for Dell India and its subsidiary companies. Earlier this year, it bought the then-struggling Opco Wholesale from Sony Ericsson. Opco had left Dell away behind when it comes to selling wholesale PCs, and now both Opco and Wholesale have all but left Dell alone when it comes to notebook sales in India.


Another recent acquisition is the troubled Krome notebook brand from Microsoft. It was recently announced that Krome will be taken over by Dell in a huge deal worth Rs. 55 crores. This comes as a part of Microsoft’s efforts to strengthen its presence in the lucrative notebook segment in India… show us what you’ve got! Last month, Dell acquired another brand from Microsoft called Latitude, which too had lost quite a few fans to Windows PC competitors like HP and Acer. So, Dell has basically acquired two high-caliber brands in one week. Will it be enough to put the Indian tech market back on track?


If the answer is no, then perhaps we need to update our strategy and come up with more creative ways to attract more customers to our brand. For starters, let’s get one thing right… we need to provide customer satisfaction… show them how we deliver on our promise, and how Dell is different from all the other brands when it comes to customer care. We have been delivering quality laptops and desktops at unbeatable prices since inception and we’ll continue to do so. In fact, the new models of the Precision series are all set to enter the mainstream this year, so we can expect nothing but positive results from hereon. Now that Dell in India has acquired two major brands in one week, one can just imagine the quality that we can deliver to our customers across the country.

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